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Travel + Leisure

Travel Insiders Say Now's the Best Time to Go Abroad in Decades - Here's Why...

Chris’s recent trip to Tanzania is proof that travel is not only possible but is particularly rewarding right now!

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Men's Journal

10 Reasons to Explore Namibia, the Wildest Country on the Planet

Men’s Journal again reaches out to Chris Liebenberg for advice and travel facilitation on a showcase a piece about Namibia. The article explores Namibia in depth and is an excellent insight into why Namibia deserves attention as a top global destination.

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Men's Journal

You Can Help Save Black Rhinos by Staying at This Luxury Camp in Namibia

Piper & Heath sends a journalist to one of the finest examples of the relationship between communities, conservation and tourism; Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia.

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Great Escapes: Namibia’s Raw, Remote Wilderness

Travel writer Ian Centrone celebrates Namibia and recommends Piper & Heath as THE resource for travel to the destination.

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Travel Weekly

Upscale Collective Conscience

Piper & Heath founder Chris Liebenberg is quoted along with other industry leaders on changing travel trends and the redefining of the concept of luxury.

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Travel + Leisure Magazine

Featured 13 day Namibia itinirary

Chris Liebenberg is a member of Travel + Leisure’s A-List, a collection of the top travel advisors in the world, and can help plan your perfect getaway. Below is an example of the type of itineraries he creates.

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SD Voyager

Meet Chris Liebenberg of Piper & Heath Travel

“Today we’d like to introduce you to Chris Liebenberg! So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

“Chris: ‘The wilderness has always been the major part of my life and mainly I have worked at keeping it central to what I do professionally. I started off my professional career in grassroots conservation, including the protection of large wildlife like rhino and elephant. One of my earlier jobs was to dehorn rhino to save them from poachers. This gradually led to a career in tourism where I met my wife Emily. She was an American on safari in the very remote Skeleton Coast of Namibia and she brought me to America. I may be the world’s worst travel souvenir but she seems blissfully unaware of that for now at least. It was only natural, after immigrating to the America, that I would eventually set up shop as a safari operator based here and so I started Piper & Heath eight years ago. I named the company after my grandparents who along with my mom Maureen, worked so hard to instill my love of the outdoors.'”

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The Guardian

The Hottest Walk on Earth | Travel

“Most of the 3,000 people who trek the Fish River each year are locals or South Africans. But for pale British types, Sunvil will insist you use the likes of Chris Liebenberg, one of the country’s most respected guides who knows Namibia like the back of his sun-scorched hand.

“He was a reassuring presence as we gazed over the canyon’s lip at 5.45am. A violent rip in the burnished landscape, it defeats the widest of wide-angle lenses. A mass of plunging coffee colored rock, mazy horseshoes, and epic gullies resembling cathedral flying buttresses, its flat top buttes mix wild Africa with Hollywood’s wild west.”

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California Home & Design

Design Destination: Travel That Rewards

“The visual splendor continues once you arrive at your designated camp, with the simple sophisticated interiors that allow the nature that surrounds to shine. Adorned with authentic campaign furniture, art, and textiles handmade by local artisans and layers of rich wood, the understated luxury at each camp is designed for serenity. Nestled on the banks of the Selinda Spillway, serving as a connector between the Linyanti swamps and the Okavango Delta, is Selinda Camp. Equipped with an on-site chef and massage therapist, you can stay in one of nine luxury tents, each containing a four-poster bed and stone bathtub offering panoramic views of the grasslands just outside. You will most certainly encounter one of the many animals that claim the Spillway for their home, as it’s recognized for the high concentration of elephant herds who migrate to the Linyanti water sources.

“‘Our top priority is to invest significant time talking with each guest so that we can develop an itinerary that perfectly suits them.’ – Chris Liebenberg, founder of Piper & Heath.”

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